9:30 AM

Inaugural Session

9:30-9:45 AM

Invocation: Invoking The Goddess Saraswati by Ceremonial Lamp lighting 
Welcome Address by : Nupur Sandhu Festival Director

9:45-10:00 AM

Key Note Address: Dr Vandana Sharma Literati versus Twitterati, Literature in Present Times 

10:00-10:25 AM

Kathak dance performance by Sanchita Abrol From the plece of Novel, Numl:The Guarded Loop, deplcting the theme of the Jammu Literary Festival YAYAVAR 

10:26-10:41 AM

Inaugural Session By Sh. Danesh Rana, IPS in talk with Mr. Sunny Dua on “Red Maize” Novel 

10:42-10:57 AM

Talk by Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar Cinema As an Amalgamation of Literature and Art 

10:58-11:13 AM

Talk by Ayushman Jamwal Poetry and Power of Unity

11:14-11:24 AM

Poetic Flavour by Jaspreet Kaur Falak 

11:15-11:40 AM
(Parallel Session Committee Room)

Neil D’ silva Inside a Bestselling Author’s Mind

11:25-11:55 AM

Symposium on Love You Zindagi 
Moderator: Shwetima Jamwal 
Authors : Vinayak Pattar, Abhirup Dhar, Dr.Kanwalpreet

11:56-12:01 PM

Poetic Flavour by Jagriti Roy

12:02-12:15 PM


12:16-12:50 PM

“In Search of Future- The Story of Kashmir” 
Moderator: Ruchhita Kazaria Panelists: Aarti Tikko Singh, Senior journalist 
Commodore DS Sodhi, Naosena Medal David Devadas, Senior Journalist and Author 

1:00-1:10 PM

Poetic flavour by Pankhuri Aggarwal

1:11-1:55 PM

Symposium on “Deciphering life, making symphony”
Moderator : Aakriti Jamwal, News Now 
Authors: Minal Arora, Rashmi Joshi Payal Jain and Jaspreet Singh

2:00-2:45 PM


2:50-3:05 PM

Talk by Neil D’Silva Hitting the horror nerve

3:06-3:36 PM

Symposlum on Dogri Literature Retrospect and Prospects 
Moderator: Mr Surjit Hosh, Cultural Officer 
Authors: Dr.Vandana Sharma, Dr. Sandeep Sufi Lalit Magotra, O.P Vidyarthi, IFS

3:10-3:40 PM
(Parallel Session)

Minal Arora  Unveil “The Veil”

3:37-3:47 PM

Poetic Flavour by Hariander Cheema 

3:42-3:52 PM
(Parallel Session)

Poetic Flavour by Elsha Gohil

3:48-4:05 PM

Talk by Anirban Bhattacharya,
Always Have Dreams In Instagram Filters

4:06-4:33 PM

PowerPoint Presentation by Utkarsh Patel Unique and Lesser Known Version of Ramayana

4:34-4:54 PM

Talk by Meghana Shekhar, A Tsunami Survival 
Informal Transcendence

5:00-5:15 PM


5:16-5:31 PM

Talk by Mushtaq Kak Essence of Urdu Language on Performing Arts

5:16-5:50 PM
(Parallel Session)

Let’s know about “KFiles” A conspiracy in silence with author Bashir Assad
 Moderated by Jasleen Kour

5:32-6:10 PM

Symposium on Love, Life and Mystery In Narration 
Moderator: Dr. Nasir Faried Butt Authors: Dr Jas Kohli, Runjhun Noopur and Ashish Khumbre

6:11-6:20 PM


Parallel Session

Talk by Nalin Gupta Fighting All Odds Of Dyslexia

6:21-7:00 PM

Behavioural And Motivational Similarities in Serial Killers Moderator Rajat Vohra ,News Now correspondant 
Panelist: IG Retd. Jhonny William, Anirban Bhattacharya, Dr Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar

7:05-8:00 PM

PowerPoint Presentation by Anuj Dhar WHAT HAPPENED TO SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE ?

8:05-8:25 PM

Address by the Chief Guest,  Prof. Ashok Alma, VC 
Vote of thanks by Nupur Sandhu, Festival Director 
Group picture

8:25 PM

Onwards Dinner

YAYAVAR Jalandhar Literary Festival

YAYAVAR Kids Literary Festival



10:26-10:41 AM

Invocation: Invoking The Goddess Saraswati by Ceremonial Lamp lighting 

10:26-10:41 AM

Welcome Address 
Nupur Sandhu, Founder President 0f YAYAVAR

Yayavar is a literary organisation in its pioneering years. It looks forward to showcase new and seasoned authors who exhibit a passion for literature through Literary events and festivals.
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