Wanderers don’t just move in desperation in hot long deserts. They move in hope as well. Hope to get pearls out of their dives in the deep blue oceans.
The pearl of words from the oceans of mind. Awakening of hopes within, sometimes brings struggle with it, and    when struggle/search begins,
destinations come looking for the wanderers. A handful of such optimistic mystics started their journey of creativity from the homes of their introspection.


YAYAVAR Literary Festival was a mega Wingding where authors, poets, writers, theater artists,scriptwriters & filmmakers from all over India converged and celebrated art in its various forms.

“ YAYAVAR Panelists & Speakers ”

The highlight of successful YAYAVAR were the voices. On the podium who lent credence to the idea and influenced, inspired and left a meaningful impact on the audience.

Celebration Dinner

What better way to celebrate literary festival than a delicious dine party ?
We elevated our celebration with conversations over scrumptious meal. 

About Event

YAYAVAR literary festival is a multi lingual fest that is a confluence of literature along with an assorted mix of symposiums, panel discussions and speaker sessions.


Witness mind boggling session an eclectic themes like behavioral, psychology, crime thriller, romantic fiction, short stories, Kashmir’s future and much more. 
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Author who made Jammu blink on map of 'Literary Festivals'

Mrs. Nupur Sandhu is Founder Director of first ever multilingual Jammu Literary Festival – YAYAVAR. She has first showcase her theatrical venture “in her shoes” at Jammu and then went to hold eleven back to back shows. She believes that since Jammu has unfolded her creative side, she owes her success to this city and thus chose it for first its Literary Festival. 

She holds first position in Public Recognition and third position in Global Poetry at Yalta Festival. Nupur Sandhu is the first woman ambassador who represented Jammu and promoted its tourism at the Asian Voluntary Summit at Cebu, Philippines in 2017.


Yayavar is a literary organisation in its pioneering years. It looks forward to showcase new and seasoned authors who exhibit a passion for literature through Literary events and festivals.
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